Yellow Canary Land 🐤 readers reflect on the year since the pandemic was declared.

This Pandemic Papers, by M Eifler, an experimental archive of feeling in context, all painted on Sunday editions of the SF Chronicle.

Submit your reflection for a special reader edition of Yellow Canary Land 🐤

Painting by Michel Serre during the Great Plague of Marseille, 1720–1721.

Or, why the social internet has become our best third place option during the pandemic

A circle of seven people sit in meditation in Regents Park, London.
A group meditation in Regents Park, London. Image CC BY-ND Mick Baker

How Trauma-Informed Journalism Can Help Us Navigate These Times

Yellow flowers arranged on the grass in the shape of a heart
Image CC-BY Steven Diaz

author and technologist. words and commentary in ny times, bbc, atlantic, hyperallergic, etc. meedan. opinions my own.

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